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First week of Rehearsal, y'all

Wow. We worked fiercely the first week to get the show staged, and we did it in two rehearsals! I had my old pal and brilliant lady Chesley Krohn, choreograph the one pseudo dance number (through the memories of Billie Dawson, the character I play), and it was so much fun reconnecting and laughing about the old days in Houston, Texas, where I cut my teeth doing theatre and singing in nightclubs. We also cut 5 pages, I learned the teeny bit of guitar I need to play (I'm NOT a natural!), and shot footage for the home movies that we show a bit of in the show. My adorbs musical director/orchestrator/nephew-by-choice has been working diligently to get the songs perfect. Brett Cullen my friend/tv/movieactor/producer/director, has a great handle on how this needs to go, and we have had a blast bringing characters like Mavis the Ice Tea Lady and Betty on the Roof in Galveston, and Cousin Becky to life. I really love doing this, and it is incredibly emotional, in part because a lot of the family memories are really my family stories. Our COSS team is amazing and working hard to give us the support we need, and they are hiring professional musicians from a really astounding pool of talent, with the help of my dear friend Sharon Montgomery. I can't wait to hear them. Well, I'd better go work on my lines!

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